About Us

and a bit more!

Hello! We're a collective contained in one body, what many at the moment call a system. We prefer company, as we are a group of hierarchical parts who maintain roles. We realize the connotations that come with company are often associated with concepts of capitalism and worker exploitation, however, we mean an entirely different kind. We mean company in the way that you need company when you go to buy yarn.

We are made up of many individuals and multiples and those slightly in between. I prefer not to disclose the exact number or variety of our beings but introductions from those who are interested will be added.

If you're curious about us and want some resources, our txti is a slow internet friendly site that has some basic info and links to pdfs and resources.

Check the links in the sidebar for more resources to build your own website!

- Cat Ipsum -

Rub my belly hiss swipe at owner's legs sniff catnip and act crazy growl at dogs in my sleep sit on the laptop for hiss at vacuum cleaner i like to spend my days sleeping and eating fishes that my human fished for me.

Head nudges eat my own ears. Hey! you there, with the hands why can't i catch that stupid red dot, shed everywhere shed everywhere stretching attack your ankles chase the red dot, hairball run catnip eat the grass sniff, or roll over and sun my belly curl up and sleep on the freshly laundered towels.